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Amethysts of Wisdom 1 (Gemstone Chronicles 2) eBook
Genres Novels / Gemstone Chronicles / Time Travel / Paranormal / Aliens
Release Date 31 January 2013

"True love is more precious than the rarest of gemstones." --The Collector

Angus loves ancient languages and sharing his knowledge with high school kids, but his true passion is linguistic research. Love doesn't come easy for him, despite the amethyst rin...Read More

Garnets of Destiny 1 (Gemstone Chronicles 1) eBook
Genres Novels / Gemstone Chronicles / Paranormal / Psi Abilities / Other Planets / Parallel Universe
Release Date 30 January 2013

"Good stories are as rare as flawless, high carat gemstones." - The Collector

Zachary, abused for years by his adoptive parents, finally runs away. He knows he's safer on his own than in their so-called care. Homeless and desperate for money so he can put...Read More