Bobby's Christmas Gift eBook

Bobby's Christmas Gift eBook

When Greg receives a mysterious letter just before Christmas, including a picture of a naked man in clear distress, he decides to investigate. What he finds is shocking, and he decides to help, any way he can.

Pages: 20
Words: 6,300
Cover Artist: Allison Cassatta
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Book Type: EBook
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"What the fuck?" Greg stared at the piece of vellum paper he'd pulled from the expensive-looking envelope.

An envelope that had mysteriously appeared right next to his fireplace. Overnight. He was sure it hadn't been there when he went upstairs last night. This morning it had sat there, quietly taunting him to open it. As though it had been delivered via the chimney.


But no amount of looking over his shoulder, or under the table, or behind the curtains had revealed a clue about the envelope's origins. His name was on the outside, written in bold letters. Now that he'd opened it, it was clear it hadn't even been addressed to him, though. What the hell was it doing in his living room?

He looked back down at his hands, one holding the picture that had come tumbling out, the other a short letter.

His gaze kept returning to the image. He couldn't help himself and stared at it in horrid fascination. It showed a naked man. He looked very young, but his body was definitely that of a well developed male. His skin was slightly pink and he was crouched in an uncomfortable position inside a wire mesh cage which was high enough for him to remain on hands and knees. Wooden poles had been stuck through the square openings, completely immobilizing him. He was naked, but wore a rubber hood that enclosed his head, hiding his face. Leather straps wound around his chest and stomach, attached to a longer one running down his back.

The letter was no more helpful in figuring out this mystery. He still read it again, just to be sure.

Dear Santa,

Instead of asking for something for myself this year, I saw this boy trapped crouching and naked in a cage and thought that he might need something from you more than I do. Would you make sure that he has a happy holiday season for me?

Thank you!


Who was Adara? She was clearly worried about the man's welfare. Greg sympathized. Keeping a human being in conditions like that was unacceptable. Some people might enjoy that kind of treatment, and he had no way of telling from the picture whether this man was one of them. But Adara's letter seemed to confirm that this wasn't a consensual situation.

It was addressed to Santa, though, so how come it had been delivered to him? He was just an artist, making sculptures of various types of materials, with a weakness for mysteries, anything sweet, and watching the occasional bit of gay porn on the Internet. But he'd never enjoyed any of the more hard core BDSM sites, and this -situation- the man found himself in only made Greg angry. Who would do something like this to another human being?

Well, it just wouldn't do. Christmas was only ten days away, and if this Adara person was right, the man needed help. Greg may not have been Santa, he snorted at the thought, but he'd been asked for help, in a roundabout way, so he'd have to find a solution.

He looked up, staring into space as he considered what he should do. Ignoring the picture and the veiled cry for help that had come to him via Adara's letter was not an option. He needed to find out where the man was being held, make sure he was okay, and get him out of there if he wasn't. Not something he could do on his own, but he knew just the person to ask for help.


©Serena Yates, 2010
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