Zeph's Awakening eBook

Zeph's Awakening eBook

Zeph is a deeply closeted high school student who is much better at dealing with academics than he is with his fellow students. When two jocks who normally ignore him invite him to a party at the lake, he knows something is wrong. They don't take no for an answer and soon Zeph is in much deeper water than he can deal with - literally. He realizes it is time to make some changes when Charles comes to the rescue...

Pages: 13
Words: 5,800
Cover Artist: Allisson Cassatta
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Chapter One


"I don't think I can make it." Zeph's heart beat a mile a minute as he stood with his back to the locker. Eric and Austin had him boxed in, their broad, hulking bodies not letting much light through, never mind giving him enough space to escape. They were pushing much too close to him for comfort, and all he wanted to do was run as fast and as far as possible.

"Come on, it'll be fun." Eric leered at him. "There'll be beer, and cigarettes, and girls..."

Like he was interested in any of those. Why were they suddenly bothering him? He'd thought they didn't even know he existed for all the attention he'd received so far. Not liking alcohol or smoking was bad, and he couldn't very well say he didn't like girls. Not that way, at least. Knowing how homophobic the two jocks were, he was better off dead before admitting he was gay.

"Yeah, even you'll probably be able to get laid. Some of them will do anything when you get them drunk enough." Austin elbowed him in the side and winked. "You know what I mean?"

"Yeah." His knees were weak. Why were the two biggest assholes in his class suddenly taking such an interest in him? They hadn't wanted him along for any of their trips to the lake all senior year and now that it was almost over, with only a few weeks between him and freedom from the daily torture some called an education, they suddenly wanted him to come with them on Saturday? Something was wrong with this picture.

"So, you'll meet us at Suzy's Diner tomorrow lunchtime, right?" Eric took a step back.

"Sure." What was he going to say? He'd have to make up a good excuse for not turning up. But he had some time until Monday, so he'd be fine. There wasn't anything they could really do after the weekend, and with not much time to go until prom, it looked as if he'd be able to survive this after all.

"Don't be late!" Austin slapped him on the shoulder and Zeph's knees almost buckled.

A sharp pain shot from his shoulder up his neck and he grimaced, trying to make it look like a smile. They weren't going to see a hint of weakness, not if he could help it. They walked away, not looking back. Zeph breathed a sigh of relief, collected the rest of the books he'd need for the next two days and made his way to his bicycle. He may have been smaller than the other boys, and he looked closer to sixteen than eighteen, with his slight build, but he worked hard at staying fit. Taking the bicycle home across the hills was great exercise.

A good half hour later he walked into the house, closing the front door behind him with a sigh. Thankfully his mother was working tonight so he had the house to himself. He really liked her, and she'd done a great job providing for him after his dad left fifteen years ago, but he needed some space. Her overprotective mothering drove him crazy. It was time he left for college, even though he had no idea how he was going to do that. None of his applications for a scholarship had been successful, and without them, he'd end up somewhere in town, working his ass off as a waiter or stocking shelves at one of the supermarkets. He might be able to wrangle a position as a car mechanic, if he was lucky. Being good with cars, having repaired his mom's old rust bucket more times than he cared to remember, wasn't likely to get him a job, though.

He pushed a frozen pizza into the oven, set the timer and went for a shower. It was the only time he had to himself, and he enjoyed letting his guard down as soon as the steam filled the bathroom and he took off his clothes. He was half hard from anticipation by the time he made it under the hot spray and had difficulty keeping his hands off his straining cock.

Zeph stood under the flow of warm water, bent his head and let the stream massage his neck, then flow down his back, between his ass cheeks and down his legs. How he adored the warmth! After a few minutes he started soaping himself up and when the rest of his body was done, he turned his attention to his cock and balls. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but what he really wanted was another man's hands on his body. His skin practically ached for a loving touch, a careful stroke of a finger up his stiff shaft, before a hot fist enclosed him and gave him something to thrust his aching cock into. Doing it himself like this made him feel good, but he'd bet it would be a lot better if someone else did it for him.

Closing his eyes, he imagined the tall, blond stranger he'd seen in his dreams coming up behind him and enclosing him in his strong arms. He leaned back into the man's embrace, letting his head fall against his shoulder and turning his face up for a kiss. The man bent down and kissed him with a smile. Zeph imagined kisses like that would feel even better than normal kisses. Not that he had any idea what any of them really felt like. He was too scared to approach another boy or man, and there was no way he'd ever let a girl close enough for kissing.

So, all he had left was dreams. But, boy, they were the hottest dreams ever.

The blond stranger kissed him until they were both short of breath, all the while sliding his big hands all over Zeph's body before he enclosed Zeph's straining cock in his big fist and started jacking him off. Zeph knew it was his own hand doing all of that, but it felt better imaging it was his dream lover. His breath turned shallow as he thrust faster and faster, adding a little twist each time he reached the tip of his cock to drive his arousal even higher. Finally, just as his dream lover nibbled his ear lobe, he lost control and came, painting the tiles white with his release. He leaned heavily on the hand that supported him and watched his juices wash down the drain.

With a sigh, he rinsed off before getting out of the shower. He may have been physically sated, but emotionally he was more drained than before. Being alone like this, craving a lover's touch with the intensity he did, knowing it wasn't going to happen anytime soon, if ever, was no fun at all.


©Serena Yates, 2011
All Rights Reserved