Ben's New Colleague (A New Horizons Story) eBook

Ben's New Colleague (A New Horizons Story) eBook

Will Ben ever get over his favorite boss, the sexy research librarian Anton Collins?

Ben Imberg loves his job as a research assistant at the Komlos Foundation's Santa Barbara branch and has a secret crush on one of the older librarians. When Anton leaves for Scotland to be with his new boyfriend, Ben is crushed, certain his job will never be the same. Meeting Ron Linsley, the new head of the Science Department, however, gives him new hope...

Pages: 7
Words: 1,600
Cover Artist: Allison Cassatta
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Book Type: EBook
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This story is set just after the end of Rescuing the Librarian (New Horizons, #1).

Why did the nice guys always have to leave? Ben sighed and cast another longing look at Anton’s empty office, wishing the sexy older librarian who’d been head of the Science Department hadn’t quit. Not that Ben could blame him. The gorgeous Scottish actor who’d walked in here three weeks ago had stolen Anton’s heart faster than Ben could’ve blinked. Anton had quit his job, worked his two-week notice and was about to move from Santa Barbara to Scotland. Ben couldn’t even imagine travelling that far. But moving there permanently? Anton was a lot braver than Ben wanted to be.

He shuffled some of the manuscripts from one end of the work table to the other. Working for the Komlos Foundation as a research assistant was far less fun with Anton gone. Most of Ben’s work had been for the Science Department but he was reconsidering that. As a research assistant he had some choice about the work he did.

“Please tell me you’re my new research assistant?” The deep voice with a very pronounced English accent coming from right behind him made him shiver.

Ben turned around and had a hard time not dropping his jaw at the sight of the man who’d just entered the central work area outside the librarians’ offices. The stranger was at least six feet tall, had broad shoulders and chest muscles stretching his white shirt to capacity. He looked like an athlete, with long muscular legs that were showcased to advantage in somewhat tight jeans. His short, straight brown hair matched the colour of his eyes, and his smile was infectious.

“Um, yes?” Ben wasn’t supposed to be any one librarian’s research assistant, but he’d sure like to make an exception in this case. The man was too yummy for words.

“You don’t seem too sure about that.” The stranger’s smile broadened as he held out his hand to shake. “I’m Ron Linsley, the new head of the Science Department. I’m here as part of the exchange programme with the British Museum.”

“I’m, er…” Ben automatically took the offered hand, shaking his head in an attempt to clear his brain of the lust he’d suddenly fallen into. “Ben Imberg, one of the research assistants here.”


©Serena Yates, 2011 & 2013
All Rights Reserved