Thanksgiving eBook

Thanksgiving eBook

Alex and Henry work hard at their relationship, and Alex is determined to make it home to their village in Kent, England, in time to celebrate his favourite American holiday. Their rule of no touching whilst apart, however, might make for an even more delicious surprise than the turkey...

Pages: 12
Words: 3,300
Cover Artist: Allison Cassatta
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This story is set in a small village in Kent, England


Alex Wilson couldn’t wait to get home. Damned business trip had almost ruined not just Thanksgiving, but also the most important event since he’d officially got together with Henry Eastwood almost five years ago. He peered out of the window of the taxi, hoping they were close to the exit. No such luck. It was at least another ten miles, so he leant back and focused on being patient for just a little while longer.

The cancelled Paris-London flight last night had made him scream and the calm demeanour of the airline officials had only made things worse. At least they’d been able to re-book him onto an early flight this morning, but he was cutting it awfully close. Henry didn’t even know he was trying to make it home—everything had been too uncertain up until the last minute. Alex hadn’t wanted to make a promise only to have to break it. Henry was the most supportive partner he’d ever had, very English in the way he stoically accepted most situations, but Alex’s absences always depressed his lover. He had no intention of making that worse by adding disappointment.

God, but he wanted to feel his gorgeous lover’s arms around him already. The man was an absolute wet dream. As tall as Alex at just over six feet, he was the more muscular of the two. He owned and ran his own gym in the small village south of London they’d chosen to settle down in, so keeping fit was never an issue for him. Unlike Alex, who constantly fought the onset of mid-thirties fat, Henry was the picture of male health. Just thinking about his lover’s intense, blue eyes, the dark brown hair that always looked unkempt, and his big hands on Alex’s body made him hard. He adjusted his cock, embarrassed about his lack of control. It had always been like that, and his passion had clearly not diminished over the years.

“This the exit you want me to take?” The taxi driver glanced at him in the rear view mirror.

Alex checked, his arousal spiking with the realisation of how close he was to—hopefully—being allowed to come. The rule about no orgasms while they were apart was one of the toughest for both of them to stick to, but the mutual ‘punishments’ on the occasions they hadn’t managed to hold out during their nightly phone sex sessions were too delicious to consider getting rid of the rule.


©Serena Yates, 2011 & 2013
All Rights Reserved