Mihael's Trial (Celestial Justice 6) eBook

Mihael's Trial (Celestial Justice 6) eBook

What if you're the angel of loyalty and have to choose between doing your job supporting the greater good and making a life with your newfound soul mate?

Mihael is the angel of loyalty and knows right from wrong better than most. He is shocked when he is put on trial for upholding loyalty over compassion. A mysterious assignment on Earth is supposed to help him understand...

Francis Portillo is a teacher struggling to support himself and his sister's baby twins. Helping others is what he does, be it a bullied student or the somewhat confused stranger who signs up for his Spanish class.

Can Francis help Mihael learn the meaning of affection and compassion before it is too late?


NOTE: This book has been previously released in June 2012. No changes have been made to the story, it is identical to the previous version.

ISBN-13: 978-1-909630-12-3
Pages: 77
Words: 23,955
Cover Artist: Allison Cassatta
Heat Index:Heat Index
Book Type: EBook
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Chapter One


Why, oh why, did he keep getting these pesky assignments of minor importance recently? What in Heaven had he done to deserve these constant encounters with mediocrity? Mihael, as the angel of loyalty, was used to bigger and better tasks. After all, he had been in charge of many important moral and ethical decisions for hundreds of years. People attempting to overcome their fears while in mortal danger, heroes battling with temptation, and epic friendships being put to the test were more his bailiwick.

Overseeing the effects of suspected corporate espionage, on the other hand, seemed like such a wasteful way to spend his time. Granted, loyalties were at stake and his support was needed for those attempting to uphold celestial principles and morality. But really? Did they really need him? Obeying the law was not exactly difficult. And surely there were more important situations requiring his attention.

Mihael hovered over the Santa Fe Technology Center at the southern edge of town. One of the biggest research laboratories to spring up around the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory, also known as LANL, it had become a research facility of international renown in its own right. Not sure about the details of this job, Mihael considered his alternatives. Without details as to whom he was supposed to support, his best bet was to observe any unusual energies and follow where they led.

He didn't have to wait long. This early in the morning there were only a handful of cars parked in the employee lot anyway, and the offices and labs looked and felt deserted. An energy emanation from the southwest corner of the building was his first hint. A curious mix between anxiety from one human and slight irritation from another drew him, and he transported himself in a human heartbeat into what turned out to be the finance manager's office.

The finance manager? What did loyalty have to do with finance? Mihael did not even know what was involved in the field. Nor did he have the slightest interest in finding out. Had he not thought grumbling was beneath him, and pointless to boot, he would have given his discontent a very audible voice.

Instead, he hovered in a corner of the room, just above the floor as he kept himself invisible, and squinted at the cold décor. Glass and chrome were the predominant materials, not a piece of paper in sight. The man behind the desk, one Weston Hatfield according to the information popping up in Mihael's head, was in his early thirties, looked to be painfully fit if not anorexic, and wore a dark blue designer suit that would have done a New York banker proud. Irritation came from him in waves.

A second man had just entered the office. Arthur Jones turned out to be the human emanating anxiety. He was middle-aged, of slightly rotund stature, and wore the wire-rimmed glasses typical of an accountant or scientist. He closed the door behind him and just stood there, wringing his hands with indecision.

"Well?" Weston clearly didn't think a simple greeting was worth his effort.

"S-sorry to bother you." Arthur's anxiety ratcheted up a few notches. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea?"

"You're here now, taking up my time, so it's a little late to consider that." Weston shook his head, glancing back and forth between Arthur and his computer screen. Finally settling on Arthur, for the time being, he stared at the smaller man as if willing him to speak and get it over with.

"Okay." Arthur cleared his throat. "The thing is, I've discovered some significant discrepancies with the funding accounts while starting the preparation for the end of fiscal year account closings."

"Oh?" Weston's energy subtly changed to one of interest, tinged with worry. "Anything we need to worry about because it threatens the company?"

"No." Arthur frowned. "But it might be a misappropriation of funds, if not donations from some very shady, potentially illegal sources."

"Donations is the one area we don't have to worry about, since we don't depend on government sources. You need not concern yourself with that area at all." Weston sounded a lot more certain than he felt. An underlying fear revealed that Arthur's discovery had alerted the finance manager to the need to cover up their private donations better.

What am I doing here? Mihael had never heard of an angel being mis-assigned, but this situation surely was a candidate for that label.

"It's just that it's wrong for money to come from some sources, and we could get into real trouble with the authorities if it was discovered." Arthur had stopped wringing his hands, but the worry was still there.

"Look, it really isn't your job to worry about these things, is it?" Weston leaned forward.

"Well, actually..." Arthur looked at the floor as if trying to find the courage to speak up. "If it is against the law, I do have to report it, right?"

"Listen to me." Weston rose, walked around his desk, and invaded Arthur's personal space in a show of dominance that caused the other man to back up and press himself against the door. "You like your job here, don't you?"

Arthur nodded frantically, images of a wife and teenage son flashing through his brain as his knees weakened at the thought of losing the family's major source of income.

Mihael watched the scene, still not sure what he was supposed to do here. The only thing he could figure was that Arthur's loyalty to the company was being tested, and the finance manager was about to remind Arthur what that required. Yes, surely that must be it. Mihael sent the appropriate supportive energy to Weston, readying himself for departure as soon as the situation here was resolved. It didn't look like it would take very long. After all, the finance manager had authority and the greater good of the company on his side.

"Good." Weston took a small step back, but still towered over a somewhat intimidated Arthur. "Then I won't need to remind you that it is in your best interest to make sure the accounts look squeaky clean for the auditors."

"You want me to doctor the numbers?" Arthur's eyes widened in horror.

"Whatever it takes." Weston nodded. "After all, one of our biggest projects is close to finding a cure for leukemia, and you wouldn't want to stand in the way of that, now, would you? Who cares where the money for that comes from, as long as we save lives, right?"

"But I can't--" Arthur was paler than an albino and started shaking with nerves.

"Yes, you can," Weston barked, making Arthur flinch. "If you want to keep your job, you will make sure we get through the audit without a hitch, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir." Arthur drew himself up to his full height, turned, and walked out of the office, closing the door behind him with an audible snap.

"Well!" Weston returned to his desk and flopped into his chair. "That was close. I'll have to keep an eye on that one."

Mihael had never had a weirder assignment. The principle of loyalty to the greater good had been upheld, and yet... illegal money being used to fund this great research was less than ideal. He shrugged. It was not in his area of influence, so he would include a mention in his report so the appropriate angel might have a second look at this situation. Someone better equipped to deal with financial minutiae.

He was so out of here! Hopefully on to bigger and better things than fairly petty financial squabbles. They may have seemed important to these humans, but on a celestial scale there must be more important jobs to do.

The niggling uncertainty at the back of his mind just needed to find a new home. He was not going to listen to it!

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