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Aquamarines of Courage 1 (Gemstone Chronicles 3) eBook
Genres Novels / Gemstone Chronicles / Science Fiction / Shifters / Aliens / Other Planets
Release Date 15 February 2013

"Courage is like a cut gemstone: multi-faceted and surprising at every turn." -- The Collector

Nico escaped a fate of running his rich family's business empire to follow his real calling: discovering ancient artifacts. As a modern-day treasure hunter, he ...Read More

Garnets of Destiny 1 (Gemstone Chronicles 1) eBook
Genres Novels / Gemstone Chronicles / Paranormal / Psi Abilities / Other Planets / Parallel Universe
Release Date 30 January 2013

"Good stories are as rare as flawless, high carat gemstones." - The Collector

Zachary, abused for years by his adoptive parents, finally runs away. He knows he's safer on his own than in their so-called care. Homeless and desperate for money so he can put...Read More